I’m not good at writing biographies and I’m not famous enough to talk about myself in third person. So, this is just a brief sum-up of who I am and where I’m going.

The most important fact about me you should all be aware of is: I like chicken and I hate olives. Both very much.
Above this, I love to take pictures.

I was born in 1986 in Catania, a beautiful city in the east of Sicily – Italy. At the age of 21 I moved out to Canada and moved back to Europe one year later. I’m currently living and working in London – UK.

I have had many goals throughout my life and most of them have changed as I was growing up. Photography is a constant amongst all those people and things that have passed away over the years and it’s also one of the few things that have improved rather than gotten worse.
I feel particularly proud of myself whenever I get to photograph something of very little importance and yet make it look like a beautiful thing. Hearing things like “I look stunning!” from someone I’ve photographed, also makes my day.

After what felt like an enormous amount of time spent over thinking stuff, sifting through thousands of web pages and studying all that could be useful to my ultimate purpose, I decided to open my wedding photography business which is now getting off slowly but growing strong. There isn’t a single thing about shooting weddings and couples that I don’t love doing; having the chance to be part of so many people’s special day really creates a bond that leaves me with positivity and serenity wedding after wedding and I can’t think of a day in the future when I could possibly have enough of this.

If you wish to have more infos, feel free to come over and meet TeeTee (the weddings’ cactus) at martinacapodanno.com/